Vehicle documents to have for driving on Nigerian Roads.

Vehicle documents to have for driving on Nigerian Roads.

What do you do when you hear “show me your particulars”?

Most drivers, especially beginners get confused when stopped by a police officer and asked to show their particulars leading to either molestation or getting their vehicle seized.
Whether it’s a private car, or a commercial one or a rented car. you are required by law to have some certain documents to enable you move freely on the road.

We make it a duty at johvic automobile to ensure our cars have updated documents so as to avoid any embarrassment for us and our esteemed clients.

Below is the list of documents you are supposed to have or provide when you hear “show me your particulars”

1.National Certificate of Roadworthiness
This certificate shows that your vehicle has passed all the requirements needed for it to be on the road as regards safety.You can get this from vehicle inspection officers(VIO) after an inspection has been carried out on your vehicle

2.Vehicle Registration
This is mainly for private cars. It is basically a document that shows that the car has been registered under the Nigerian law

3.Commercial Vehicle License
This license is issued to commercial vehicles to enable them do their businesses freely around the country.

4.Hackney permit
The Hackney permit is a license for vehicles below a certain weight to carry goods all around the state

5. Vehicle Insurance
It is required by the Nigerian law to have your car insured before putting it on the road, having a car insurance is very key especially because of unforeseen circumstances which might occur.

Once you have all these documents, it will save your from unusual harrassment or extortion on roads

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