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Vehicle documents to have for driving on Nigerian Roads.

What do you do when you hear “show me your particulars”? Most drivers, especially beginners get confused when stopped by a police officer and asked to show their particulars leading to either molestation or getting their vehicle seized. Whether it’s a private car, or a commercial one or a rented car. you are required by law to have some certain documents to enable you move freely on the road. We make it a duty at johvic automobile to ensure our cars have [...]

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Vehicle Maintenance: What you should know

Vehicle Maintenance: What you should know   Having the habit of conducting regular vehicle maintenance will not only extend the life of your car but it will also hep you avoid costly breakdowns. Basic routine vehicle maintenance is not a difficult task, it is something anyone and everyone can handle by following a regular schedule as outlined in your car owner’s manual.   1. Get familiar with your owner’s manual.   Every vehicle has an owner’s manual, a thick book usually kept in the glove [...]

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places to visit in Lagos

Top 10 places to visit in Lagos

Lagos is one of the major cities in Nigeria, it is popularly known as “Eko”. If you are in Lagos for vacation, and you are looking for places to visit. We have brought together a list of places for you to have fun. Now you can even get affordable transportation to any of these places of your choice with Johvic automobile car hire and rental services.   National Theatre The national theatre is a tourist attraction in Lagos, constructed in 1976, the [...]

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Driving stress-free in traffic.

Traffic is a word which car users dread the most, whether in your own vehicle or in a rental car. The tension to meet up with the doctor’s appointment, arrive at the job interview early, getting to school on time.There have been situations where we turn our cars around looking for the best route so as to avoid being late. Even after closing periods when one is not in a hurry home, traffics are usually very stressful cause of the [...]

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Rental Car Drivers: How to Protect your Data when Traveling

Wanna take some days off to visit a neighboring country? Do you want to get the best of a business trip? Renting a car might sound like a great option if you have a flexible schedule and you’re likely to adapt your trip. The convenience it gives you is priceless. However, there is a real hidden danger you should take into consideration: the sensitive personal information that remains on the car’s devices. driving a rental car in bucharest city While it is [...]

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